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Octav is a creator of cutting-edge, high-quality VR and blockchain games that offer unrivaled immersion. Our team includes some of the top game developers, VR specialists, designers, artists, animators, and technology experts in the industry. All of our team members believe that constant innovation is the key to building successful products, and we are passionate and enthusiastic about experimenting with the latest in emerging technologies, which we put to use to ensure your satisfaction.

Creating What’s Next in Virtual Reality

At Octav, we realize that VR is about more than just games. VR can promote products, engage customers, and train employees.

We Value


At Octav, we realize that VR is about more than just games. VR can promote products, engage customers, and train employees.

Engaging entertainment

We strive to create games that immerse players in incredible landscapes and situations, permitting relaxation, escape, and growth.

Creative integrity

Establishing our leadership position in the field means keeping our ideas fresh and our creativity flowing. With so much new ground to cover in this emerging field, we are excited to see where it leads us.



While we are gamers at heart, we believe in the power of gaming to transform industries and technologies. That is why we apply gaming technology to a number of tasks, helping our clients communicate, teach, and collaborate in new and exciting ways.

VR Solutions in Business

Virtual reality can create immersive training and technology solutions for business. We provide fully interactive tools fitted to the exact needs of your company and industry, no matter where you are located. This endlessly adaptable technology can increase sales, drive engagement, and open new markets.

VR Solutions in Education

VR/AR technologies allow students to grow and learn in new ways. We create seamless augmented reality solutions for classrooms that support hybrid and immersive learning for better engagement and better outcomes.


We create video games that have elements of blockchain to create fun, accessible, and secure gaming experiences. Blockchain games are completely decentralized, creating experiences that are highly completed and infinitely scalable. Octav sets you free to game the way you want.

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